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Carbon Rail Technology


Not only can you now order a custom epoxy board which is great in itself for strength and weight ratio, the (CRT) has the added pleasure of brand new high performance flex pattern that enables you to go faster rail to rail by maintaining and even gaining speed through critical turns.

By removing the wooden stringer from the middle of the board and replacing the stringer with carbon parabolic rails the board seems more alive responsive to your movements and driven through turns with more speed and enthusiasm than its centre stringer counter part.

Its down to physics but I wont bore you with the fine detail, what you should know is your boards last at least twice as long will go faster feel better and look better! With the weight of what Salomon boards offered us, and the strength none surpassed to date, this exciting new flex-pattern development keeps us up to date with surfing's high pace of evolution!

We had help from the highest ranks, many thanks to Steve at Mercedes/Mclaren who's help and input has proven invaluable!!!

Our product is unique in its fabrication and can not be copied, made of the highest standard materials available to us, this is a high end product, the Formula One in our eyes and worth every penny!!!

I know i'm not going back!"
Written by James Mitchell

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