6ft FCS Freedom Leash

FCS 6ft Freedom Leash

The FCS Freedom Leash is a complete re-design of the standard surfboard leash featuring a 3d form, new cuff, new cord, new railsaver, all minimalist parts. The resulting leash is lightweight, low-drag and tangles less than ever before.

The Freedom Leash Cuff Features:
* Silicone grip print that reduces slipping around ankle.
* 3mm neoprene padding - thin, light & comfortable.
* Low profile moulded velcro - stronger & more reliable.
* Lightweight moulded pull tab - ergonomic, quick release.
* Foam filled composite horn - lighter shock absorbing.
* Extended horn length - reduces back foot tangling.

The Freedom Leash Cord Features:
* High tensile over-braided - lighter & stronger.
* Thinner & more hydrodynamic - less drag, surf faster.
* Over-stretch limiter - designed to return to original length. reduces tangling.
* Stainless steel swivels - uninterrupted motion.

The Freedom Leash Railsaver Features:
* Streamlined design - less drag, thinner & lighter.

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