Skindog Surfboards

So this board was an accident!

I was shaping a 6’4 retro single fin, when admittedly, I made a mistake. Through frustration I hit the tail of the board from underneath, and I was shocked when a foot of the tail flew across the room, with the rest of the board still on the stands. I was instantly laughing staring at a 2” thick tail that looked like it belonged to a mini simmons! So I re-templated it, planed the rocker back in and the 5’3 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8  JOKER was born.

The first weekend I rode it, I won the Open shortboard at our legendary local surf comp “The Buntabout “. It’s been a favorite board ever since and one I take everywhere! The best thing is how small it is, you can put it anywhere!

Specifications: 5’3 x 20 1/2  x 2 5/8

Volume: 31 ltrs

Fins: 5 fin option

Shaper: Ben Skinner

 Length < 6'11" ≤ 8'0
Prices starting at £495 £550


All EXTRAS quoted individually

  • This board is available as a custom order

e-mail or call us tel:01637 873990 for a quote.