Skindog Surfboards

Wrangler - Xeon

9'2" x 22 3/4" x 2 13/16"


A clean, curvy outline that carries its width through the tail and nose gives the Wrangler the timeless glide of a classic longboard, while a continuous curved rocker with added kick on the tail lends itself to extended noserides and increased flow through turns. 50/50 rails throughout the front 2/3 of the board transitions into a tucked, hard edge that runs through the tail, providing the perfect blend of traditional longboarding with the ability to push hard through turns.


These lightweight epoxy constructions are 100% hand layups, and begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component carbon fiber stringer system, for high performance flex and twist. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fiber components are arrayed in the deck and rails for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC shell provides flexible protection to increase the longevity of the boards without compromising flex and twist characteristics. With a substantial amount of carbon fiber and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, these boards will outperform and outlast traditionally constructed polyester comp boards.

Specifications9’2″ x 22 3/4″ x 2 13/16″
FinsSingle Box | FCS longbox
ShaperBen Skinner


The Only way to describe this board is Classic meets Modern. A clean curvy outline, wider in the tail and the nose to our normal high performance boards. A continuous curved rocker with added tail flick for lift on the nose, whilst complementing the way the board flows through its turns. The 50/50 soft rail through out the top 2/3 of the board blended into a tucked hard edge running through the bottom 1/3 of the rail giving the perfect blend and feel from flowing traditional surfing with the ability to push hard through turns.


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