9ft Ocean & Earth Premium Longboard XT One Piece Leash

Award Winning Leash Technology...

One piece leash technology - Patented one piece moulded cord design eliminates the weakest point in every leash.

O&E's innovative new one piece moulded cord design eliminates the need for end joins, which are always the weakest part of a conventional leash. This engineered design provides unrivalled strength, resulting in the world's strongest leash.


  • Ankle Leash
  • Safety release loop
  • Lightweight padded knee strap
  • Encapsulated dual-anchor stainless steel free-spin swivels
  • Highest grade Urethane cord
  • Original secured Ocean and Earth leash string
  • One-piece moulded cord technology
  • Cord diameter 9/32" | 7mm

  • Suitable for waves of up to 8ft

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