Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


FCS II H4 Carbon Fibre Tri Fins Medium - Black






Introducing the FCS II H4—an absolute game-changer in performance fin production, possibly the most thrilling innovation since the launch of FCS's renowned "snap-in" fin system.

Setting itself apart with a distinctive appearance, the true standout feature of the H4 lies in its unparalleled performance.

Precision-engineered in Switzerland through advanced robotic automation and guided by camera-assisted quality control, the H4 ensures absolute accuracy in every detail. The seamless fusion of fin geometry and cutting-edge materials results in an intuitive flex that feels exceptionally smooth and predictable. Crafted from high-density uni-directional carbon fiber, the lightweight and super-strong H4 uniquely channels more of your energy/input into speed than any other performance fin set available!

This powerful thruster fin-set boasts revolutionary side and center fin templates, prioritizing speed and drive without compromising control or maneuverability.

Side Fin Profile: The lower section maximizes acceleration, while the hatchet-like tip ensures stability and control. Center Fin Profile: With a highly raked elliptical outline, it reduces drag and provides a predictability sensation when releasing through turns.

Step into a new era of surfing performance with the FCS II H4—a fin set that not only looks different but redefines the standards of speed, control, and maneuverability.


  • Side fin profile: Lower section produces maximum acceleration, while a hatchet like tip creates stability & control.
  • Centre fin profile: Highly raked elliptical outline reduces drag and offers a feeling of predictability when releasing through turns.
  • Fin foil template: Thicker base with tapered tip optimizes flex & regulates the release of energy during rail to rial transitions.

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