Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


FCS II PG Power Twin X Large - Black





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Introducing the FCS II Power Twin Performance Glass twin fin set, a collaboration with surf legend Harley Ingleby for optimal performance on his asymmetric twin fin board.

As the premier twin fin set in the FCS lineup, the Power Twin is engineered for dynamic turns and superior push. Its design, with a more upright stance compared to traditional "fully raked" keel fins, empowers the board to pivot effortlessly, promoting a contemporary and snappy approach to twin-fin riding.

Crafted from Performance Glass (PG), the Power Twin exhibits a flex pattern akin to traditional fiberglass fins. Its rigid base ensures stability, while the responsive tip flex adds a touch of agility to your ride.

For enhanced speed management, consider incorporating a stabilizer or trailer fin for added control.

Experience the Power Twin's exceptional down-the-line speed and its ability to pivot seamlessly at the wave's zenith—an ideal choice for surfers seeking the perfect blend of speed and maneuverability.

Base: 5.​26" / 1​34mm
Depth: 5.​35" / 1​36mm
Area: 21.​44"² / 13​853mm²
Sweep: 3​2.​7º
Foil: Flat

Board Types
Recommended for fish, funboard and twin fin boards.


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