Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Skindog Hydroplane Surfboard 6ft 8 - White / Yellow


White / Yellow


Putting the world on alert right now. The Skindog Hydroplane could be the most complete and fun surfboard to date. Designed to work in sizes from 5ft 0 to 7ft 6, this board will light up surfs in waves from 1ft to overhead solid waves. 

Built with drive and speed in mind, you will rarely have to pump this board, the cleverly designed hydro plane features on the underside, along with the rocker profile and rail line keeps to board driving, giving the rider speed on tap and allowing you to focus on your manoeuvres. 

This surfboard will take advantage of the smaller, weaker waves, giving you the ability to rip in small clean waves, mush and ripples but do not be fooled, when the waves stand up, you can use this as your go to daily board. 

Suited to riding fatter rolling waves as much as hollower, rapid moving beach breaks too, you can out this on rail, punt airs easier then ever or just pull in and get barrelled. 

Unlocking peak performance in a board like this may raise questions, but the ingenious design of this board is the key. Its clever concave and hull allow it to lock in through turns while also releasing, delivering a ride that feels exceptionally stable during turns and maintains speed effortlessly. 

The combination of a double concave through the single hull concave creates lift and speed with remarkable ease.

The meticulously balanced rocker line, in conjunction with strategic fin positioning and concaves, enables the board to execute much tighter turns than expected. 

It's hard not to fall in love with this board. Its genius design make it a standout choice, showcasing a level of innovation that's truly impressive. 

Elevate your surfing experience with a board that exceeds expectations in both design and performance.

  • Volume -  40.5lts
  • Conditions - Knee high to overhead waves
  • Construction - PU Foam - 6+4/4 Glassing
  • Dimensions - 6ft 8 x 21 1/2 x 2 1/2
  • Fin System - FCS II Five Fin
  • Fins included - No

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