Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Harley Ingleby Thunderbolt Red Mid 6 Mini Surfboard 6ft 8 - Light Blue


Light Blue



After years of success with the Mid 6 in sizes from 7ft 0 and up, Harley Ingleby now brings us the sub 7ft 0 option of this amazing Mid 6, extending accessibility to one of our favorite boards to a broader surfing audience and seamlessly bridging the gap between mid-length and full-performance surfboards.

Crafted for outstanding mid-length performance across various wave types, the MID6 boasts a finely shaped round pin tail, a curvaceous plan shape, and a smooth rocker with a hint of nose flip. This design ensures comfort for deep pocket turns and extended open-face arcs. The board features high nose rails transitioning to a tucked midsection and a low hard tail, providing a balanced drive through sections and optimal control during tight turns.

Excelling in everyday surf conditions, the MID6 is also adept at handling more challenging waves with ease.

Bill's expertise shines through in the integration of six channels, achieving a perfect balance that enhances maneuverability, allows for easy line adjustments, and facilitates modifications to arc length on the wave's face. Positioned between your feet, these channels are designed to be assertive without sacrificing agility, delivering immediate turning response and unparalleled acceleration.

Contrary to common beliefs, the MID6 dispels the notion that channel bottoms are only effective in clean waves. This board excels in all conditions, proving its versatility and exceptional performance beyond the boundaries of wave cleanliness. Experience the MID6 – where style meets substance, and performance knows no limits.

With two World Longboard titles under his belt, Harley Ingleby is renowned for his shortboard-style attack coupled with a smooth and traditional longboard repertoire.

Constructed with 'Thunderbolt Red,' the Mid 6 features a 100% hand layup Xeon Fibreglass Lamination for competition weight and flex. The technology includes a Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank with a Carbon Fibre Multi-Component Flex Control System, replacing the traditional wooden stringer. This, combined with Xeon Fibreglass lamination, ensures a consistent flex throughout the board's extended lifespan. The 6 + 4oz fiberglass deck lamination on top and 6 + 2oz on the bottom, along with the Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank wrapped in a Core Shield PVC Shell, provide durable and flexible protection to the EPS core.

These boards are meticulously crafted with 100% hand layups, meeting the highest standards. It's important to note that the board you purchase is identical to the one Harley Ingleby rides, ensuring top-tier quality and performance.

  • Volume - 39 lts
  • Conditions - Knee high to overhead waves
  • Construction - Thunderbolt Red Technology/Fused Cell EPS Blank/Multi Component Carbon Flex Control stringer/Xeon Fibreglass lamination
  • Dimensions - 6ft 8 x 20.25 x 2.875
  • Fin System - FCS II Five Fin
  • Fins included - No

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