Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


O'Neill Youth Hyperfreak 5/4+ Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Black




The O'Neill Hyperfreak 5/4+mm Hooded chest zip winter wetsuit for Children and has been upgraded to now include fully taped seams to ensure no water intake whilst maintaining flexibility. The + relates to an extra 0.5mm of Technobutter 3 neoprene on the body of the suit and an extra 0.5mm of 3X neoprene on the arms and shoulder giving you additional warmth and still maintaining incredible flexibility. This is the ultimate winter wetsuit as the hood will ensure that you don't lose heat through your head thus you will stay warmer for longer.


  • Thickness 5.5mm On The Body / 4.5mm On The Arms / Shoulders
  • Hooded Wetsuit
  • FUZE Closure System (Chest Zip Entry)
  • Minimal Seam Design (Giving You Incredible Flexibility)
  • 360-Degree Barrier With Drain Holes (Prevents Intake Of Water Into The Wetsuit)
  • Double Seal Neck (For Comfort & Warmth)
  • Full Body / Legs Uses Technobutter 3 Neoprene
  • Arms / Shoulders Uses Technobutter 3X Neoprene (Simply The Most Flexible Neoprene On The Market)
  • TB3X Fully Taped Seams (Seals All The Seams In The Wetsuit & Stretches As You Move)

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