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Skindog surfboards are crafted by some of the industries' bests. They come together to make boards that both perform, whatever your level, and are some of the best finished surfboards in Europe. We pride ourselves on adding beauty to all our shapes -resin tints, pinlines, unique sprays, metallics and bespoke artwork.

Here's the team that make up the extraordinary company that is Skindog Surfboards. We love to talk boards, so just call or drop in...  

Ben Skinner: shaper, competitive surfer.

Ben is pretty unique as a shaper in that he  can ride his shapes to their full potential. Best known as a successful competitive longboarder on the world circuit, Ben also rips on shortboards and puts all his knowledge and experience into all the shapes we produce.


Jason Gray: glasser.

"Grayzy" is one of the best glassers in Europe. His experience ensures our boards are strong, light, and hard-wearing, and that our tints are some of the finest around. A good glass job makes a board light, strong and have good flex/memory. This only comes with experience and Grayzy has bags of it.

verdi_5bf34979-ea66-49da-bba3-4c0b9cf7c5cd_2048x2048 (1).jpg

Verdi: spraying

Verdi is from Spain and an extra ordinary artist who helps our boards meet our customers artistic expectations... he also gets to do some amazing stuff on our stock boards (where we give him pretty much free rein) keeping our boards as visually fresh as their performance.

Charlie: sanding/fins.

A board can be ruined in the sanding room, either losing the shaper's vision by changing edges or sanding through to the weave creating a board full of weak spots. Charlie's experience ensures our boards keep to Ben's design and maintain the strength created through Jase's glassing. Charlie also sets fins, which is an extremely important role, cant (angle),toe-in, position all change a boards performance significantly. It is surprising how many mass produced imports don't get this crucial element right so it is good to have an experienced surfer doing this.