Ben Howey

Ben Howey Skindog Surfboards Team rider
"My name is Ben, although due to the number of Bens that compete on the longboard tour, I’m often know as Howey. 
I grew up surfing in Bantham, South Devon, at the age of around seven and have never looked back.  Since school I have travelled around the world in the search for the best waves, experiencing the cultures and lifestyles as I go. With the right boards under my feet I enjoy surfing all types of waves, from the two-foot point breaks of Java on my Blender to overhead in Hawaii on my own model. 
I enjoy competing on the UK and European longboard tour, battling it out with greats of our sport and chasing the dream of one day qualifying for the world tour. 
I have been with Skindogsurfboards and Xcel Wetsuits since the beginning and there really is a board for every kind of surfer and conditions. With all the top UK riders on them, actions speak louder than words."
Ben Howey rides: THE HOWEY model & THE BLENDER
Ben Howey speed down the line