Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Premium Custom Skindog Surfboards

Ordering your premium custom surfboard shaped by Ben Skinner has never been easier then right now. Crafted with precision and passion, each board is tailored to your unique style and preferences, ensuring unparalleled performance in the water. From sleek designs to cutting-edge materials, Skindog Surfboards delivers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Passionate about building surfboards of the highest quality, the passion and love that goes into every board we make can be felt instantly.

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Using the expertise of professional surfers and shapers to create your dream surfboard tailored just for you.

At Skindog Surfboards, we offer personalized advice from seasoned surfers and skilled shapers, ensuring your board is crafted with your unique needs and style in mind. Say goodbye to off-the-shelf options and hello to a bespoke board that enhances your performance on the waves.

Trust the professionals at Skindog Surfboards to deliver a custom-built masterpiece that elevates your surfing experience to new heights.

How To Order:

Placing an order to have your new, custom surfboard shaped for you could not be more simple at Skindog Surfboards, follow the below steps to get your order in.

1 - Choosing the correct model at the right size. 

If you know what model, size and colour you would like your board and you want us to get to work cerafting this, email us at sales@skindogsurfboards.co.uk or call us on 01637 873 990 right away and we can take your deposit payment and start this right away. 

If you need a hand picking a model, sizing a board to be right for you or even to chat about finishes, sprays or designs, then please contact us. We love chatiing boards and want to make sure we nail this board for you, perfection is what we aim to achieve. 

Pick up the phone and chat to the team here, including Ben, or email us and we can use all our vast experience to ensure the board you are ordering is perfect for you. 

2 - Paying the deposit. 

Once we have finalised the board details, we can then take a payment for the deposit on your custom Skindog Surfboard. Depending on the boards size will determine the deposit required. We will outline this right away for you. 

We can take payments over the phone, in store or via PayPal or Bank Transfer. We make this as easy, quick and simple as possible for you. 

3 - Sit back & relax. 

Once the deposit has been recieved, we will get the board started right away. You can rest assured that your dream board is being made with care and precision. 

4 - The board is finished. 

As soon as your board is ready you will recieve a call and email from us here. We can finalise all the final details, such as shipping, the remaining balance due and also we will help with any accessiores needed too. While your board is being made you can browse all the accessiores we have to offer and we can add these to the order. 






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