Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Skindog Thunderbolt Silver Double Scoop Surfboard 9ft 4 - Volan





This radical new design puts a whole new twist to the modern noserider.

Inspired from studying the way water flows over the tail during a noseride, this awesome new board allows a narrower tailed more performance single fin without compromising the lift and stability during critical noserides.

After designing the Cherry Picker, I wanted to combine the main aspects of the incredible lift in the tail design and concave behind the fin with an improved turning capability that is normally missing in wide flipped tailed boards.

I started by adjusting the plan shape of the board, pulling the wide point back, creating a wider area in front of the fin, and in turn generating a naturally curvier pulled-in rounded square tail. We currently have two brilliant outlines we are working with in the Double Scoop design - ‘the original’ with wider hips, more curve and a more classic feel, and ‘the dynamic’ with narrower hips, less curve and a more lively feel.

Both of these Double Scoop outlines use a spoiler effect (flip) in the deck line, with a deep double concave shaped into the deck through the back 1/3 of the board. This captures the water flow onto the deck whilst in a noseride, and directs the water to engage more with the flip in the tail, thus holding more water (and weight) to create the extra lift and speed control needed for intense, long and stable noserides. This board as been designed off Bens' love and passion for Formula 1. Using the science of aerodynamics and transferring it into this board using hydrodynamics and how to create downforce for lift in the nose.

When stepping back from the noseride you have the curvier more pulled-in tail, combined with the concave behind the fin, to allow for sharper, smoother and more powerful turns.

Another aspect of the Cherry Picker carried across to the new Double Scoop design is the bottom shape. The concave is pulled right back from the nose to the bottom 1/3 of the board, where it then transitions into a rolled V out of the tail, with the concave behind the fin creating a tri-hulled design in the tail, just like the Cherry Picker.

A truly unique feature in this new Double Scoop design is the way it can engage more water into the tail of the board, creating way more lift and control on the nose thanks to the deep double concave in the deck through the back 1/3 flowing the water into the tail. The result is a modern progressive noserider that will blow minds.

The Double Scoop is constructed using 'Thunderbolt Silver' a 100% hand layup Carbon/Fibreglass Lamination which delivers a classic weight and flex surfboard. Thunderbolt Silver uses a Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank which incorporates a Carbon Fibre Multi-Component Flex Control System which replaces a traditional wooden stringer which along with the lamination delivers a familiar flex which will remain for the extended lifespan of these durable boards. Thunderbolt Silver uses a 6oz Carbon + 6oz Fibreglass deck lamination with 6oz + 4oz fibreglass on the bottom. The Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank is wrapped in a Core Shield PVC Shell which affords flexible protection to the EPS core.

Experience the excellence of Thunderbolt Technology surfboards, meticulously handcrafted to the highest standard. Rest assured, the board you purchase is exactly the same as the one Ben rides – a testament to its quality and performance.

  • Volume - 72 lts
  • Conditions - Knee high to overhead waves
  • Construction - Thunderbolt Silver Technology/Fused Cell EPS Blank/Multi Component Carbon Flex Control stringer/Xeon Fibreglass lamination
  • Dimensions - 9ft 4 x 23 x 2 7/8
  • Fin System - Single Fin
  • Fins included - No

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