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We have developed our Skinpup range over the years with up and coming surfer, Lukas Skinner. Lukas has played a key role, working with his Dad in order to achieve the highest quality grom boards on the market.

We have a quiver of Lukas's past boards for you to demo, and see what suits you best. Using the range to come up with something suited just to you.

At the bottom of the page is Lukas' short film that won 'Best British Film' at the London Surf Film Festival. Working with Seth Hughes to show his story.


Below you can view the models that have come out of Ben and Lukas' countless hours of research and development.


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Demo boards are a key way to understand what you are looking for from your new board. If you are struggling to know what you want in terms of grom boards, we have a huge variety of demo's to choose from. From 4'2"s to 6'0"s, swallow tails to squash tails. Come by and grab a couple to try so we can make you the best possible board!



Skinpup Demos are available from our store! 

Call us at the factory on 01637 873990 to reserve a board.