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Slide Surf Skate Joyful Splatter 30"

The smallest of the SLIDE SURFSKATEBOARD crew. An excellent cruiser to move around the city, great to go from one place to another and spend some time inside the pool when you want to practice
more radical turns.

The JOYFUL is a stable shape, strongly recommended for lightweight riders and for those highly-skilled who want to improve their cutbacks and back turns.

Its smooth kicktail and short distance between trucks will allow you to make radical turns, offering you high stability to experiment new maneouvres. The JOYFUL will be your perfect partner for new adventures.

The new Slide truck has now a covered springto avoid dirt and dust on the inside of the truck. This new truck makes Slide a perfect tool to learn how to surf or to improve your surfing skills. You will be able to increase your speed in the same way you do when riding a wave.

Perfect as a travel mate, for the smallest groms or for the most radical and skilled riders.


Deck: 30" x 10" with a round Kick tail.

Deck material: 7 sheets of Canadian Maple (full painted).

Front truck: Slide 165 mm

Rear truck: Standard aluminium 165mm

Wheels: PU casted, 65mm x 51mm/ 78A

Bearings: ABEC 7



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