Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Firewire Thunderbolt Singleton Surfboard 9ft 8 - Volan




Introducing an Extraordinary Collaboration: The Ultimate Nose Rider by Stu Kenson and Taylor Jensen – presenting the Firewire Singleton longboard.

Embark on a groundbreaking surfboard innovation journey with the stellar collaboration of Stu Kenson, the Icons of Foam Shaping Champion, and Taylor Jensen, the esteemed 3-time World Champion. Championed and introduced by the renowned Dan Mann, this exceptional creation showcases the fusion of Taylor and Stu's expertise, making waves on the 2023 World Longboard Tour.

Precision-crafted, this surfboard features a wide single concave nose complemented by a meticulously designed tucked hard-edge square tail. This dynamic combination provides an unparalleled experience for longboarding enthusiasts of all skill levels. Now, effortlessly execute the classic hang ten maneuver and expert turns akin to a professional, all while relishing the fluidity and convenience of a lighter longboard design. The strategically positioned wide point ensures stability during tip rides, while the ingeniously engineered tucked hard-edge tail facilitates seamless acceleration off the wave's bottom and effortless cutbacks.

Experience the finesse of carefully crafted bottom contours transitioning from a gentle single concave in the nose to a subtly rolled midsection, flattening towards the tail. This thoughtful design ensures an incredibly user-friendly board that excels in various conditions. From holding steady nose rides in challenging sections to effortlessly shifting from rail to rail and maintaining dreamy trims, this surfboard embodies its creators' dedication to both performance and accessibility.

Elevate your longboarding prowess with a surfboard that encapsulates decades of expertise, collaboration, and innovation. Discover the epitome of nose riding excellence – a masterpiece born from the partnership between past and present icons of the surfing world.

The Singleton is constructed using 'Thunderbolt Silver,' a 100% hand layup Carbon/Fibreglass Lamination delivering classic weight and flex. Thunderbolt Silver utilizes a Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank with a Carbon Fibre Multi-Component Flex Control System, replacing a traditional wooden stringer. This, combined with the lamination, ensures a familiar flex that will endure throughout the extended lifespan of these durable boards. Thunderbolt Silver features a 6oz Carbon + 6oz Fibreglass deck lamination with 6oz + 4oz fibreglass on the bottom. The Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank is enveloped in a Core Shield PVC Shell, providing flexible protection to the EPS core.

These boards are meticulously handcrafted and finished to the highest standard. Remember, the board you purchase is identical to what the Firewire team rides in those captivating videos!

  • Volume - 80.4 lts
  • Conditions - Knee high to overhead waves
  • Construction - Thunderbolt Silver Technology/Fused Cell EPS Blank/Multi Component Carbon Flex Control stringer/Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass lamination
  • Dimensions - 9ft 8 x 23 1/4 x 3 1/4
  • Fin System - FCS II Side Bites With Single Fin Box
  • Fins included - No


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