Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


Built to blend traditional and progressive surfing.


FCS II Modern Keel PG Twin Fins X Large - Black






Discover the FCS II Modern Keel PG Twin Fins, meticulously crafted for both traditional Twinnys and contemporary twin fin fish designs.

This fin set features an upright keel template with a lower sweep (rake) compared to most wider-based keel fins, allowing for a remarkably tight turning radius. The Modern Keel, like all keel fins, boasts a generous area that generates drive, ample speed, and a controlled feel, making it ideal for executing big roundhouse cuttys on the open face of the wave.

Constructed from Performance Glass (PG), these fins exhibit an almost identical flex pattern to traditional fiberglass fins. The stiff base ensures stability, while the responsive tip flex adds a dynamic element to your ride.

Elevate your surfing experience with the FCS II Modern Keel PG Twin Fins, designed to deliver precision, speed, and controlled maneuverability whether you're on a classic Twinnie or a modern twin fin fish.

  • Upright keel template designed for more traditional fish shapes.
  • Lower sweep (rake) than most conventional, wider based keels which allows the fin to pivot in a tighter radius.
  • High area and depth not only delivers a feeling of control when pushed harder on the open face, but helps to maintain tremendous speed through roundhouse cutbacks.

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